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August 16, 2010
This is the first day of school at International School of Indianapolis.

They have a lovely ceremony where the children give flowers to their teachers and ring a bell as they walk into the building for the first time. If I remember, it is a Russian ceremony.
Jack was paired up with his classmate Marcus for walking into the school.

Jack with Head of Lower School Alastair Kay.

Here is Annalise explaining to her teacher which flowers are which.

Unlike some other children, no tears from Annalise, she was ready to hit the ground running.

August 11, 2010
We had a great time at the state fair.
We started in the kid/farm section.

Jack rode the pony, but Annalise lost her nerve.

She would however go on the elephant. The question iss, should I be disturbed that the guy was checking his text messages while directing the elephant?

It turns out that Jack and Annalise are ride junkies just like me. Annalise kept wanting to know if she was tall enough to big kid rides. Jack and I went on a "grown-up" roller coaster - twice!

August 7, 2010
Poor Veto had to wear one of Jack's shirts to keep him from scratching open the incision on his neck.
SiSi was back for a little visit.