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February 26, 2006 - The weekend at Naunie's house
Oh, how I love that Bucky dog.

Playing Piano with Naunie

Playing with JoeJoe

I got a little sleepy before I left.

February 25, 2006
Who knew that watching cartoons with "Kay da" required so much moving?

Mmmmmm, chocolate with "I I"

February 16, 2006
Baseball in the morning

Cupcakes in the afternoon

February 12, 2006
After snowfall, our fireman got on the job.

Jack took a picture of Veto for us.

There are "non-Jack" pictures of the snowfall here.

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm, snow is yummy

Snow Angels aren't easy.

There is just some thing about rolling and climbing in the snow.

Making Homer the snowman is fun!

I don't want to come in, I'm not done!

But I don't want to warm up, I want SNOW!

As promised, we did go out later.

Jack was a great help shoveling.

February 9, 2006
First Round of Zoo Photos

February 8, 2006
The Fire Chief always needs to be ready.

February 4, 2006
Oh No! JayJay Look, it's hall soccer with daddy!

I love this dog's tail!

Gimme that camera! I want to take a picture of daddy!

Here I am teaching BaBa the alphabet.

Jack did not want any part of the family picture.

February 2, 2006
Playing in the park with Daddy, Mommy and Jeremy

It looks like a swing, why doesn't it act like one?

I love the slide, as long as Daddy is there to catch me!

Crawling through the "tummel" really rocks.

Don't climb that wall without me, Daddy!

I can do it too!

Jeremy was compelled to come to the top to watch over us.
Check out more pictures of Jeremy playing at the park by clicking here

February 1, 2006
Just Home