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July 24, 2010
SiSi came home with me for a little socialization.

Jack's Vacation

July 4, 2010
We went to the Zoo on the 4th. It was crazy hot, but we still managed to have a good time.
Annalise loves petting the goats.

Then to ride on the Zoo carousel. Annalise loves carousels. Can you tell?

Then a brief stop for lunch. Annalise often insists on wearing her perals when we go out. I talked her out of wearing her pink princess shoes that she wore to the museum.

Then to the desert section where Annalise saw her beloved snake.

We stopped and played in the playground and visited the ducklings.

I could not get one really good butterfly pic. :-(

July 2, 2010
After Daddy and Jack left, Annalise and I had our own weekend. We started by a trip to the Children's Museum
Annalise loves this carousel. It used to be outside. It was donated to the museum and they have refurbished it.

Annalise loves this book.

If it's Indy, there must be Indy Car racing.

You can't tell from these two pics, but this is from the visit Egypt area. It's a great display.

The Barbie fashion exhibit is a particular favorite of Annalise's.

We ended in Dinosphere where Annalise dug for fossils and played dress-up as a dinosaur.